Fortify Your Front With New Sci Fi Barricades Kickstarter!

October 8, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Sometimes a best defense is a strong offense, but other times the best defense is actually in a fence! (every pun intended)

barricadesThere's a cool, new Kickstarter out now called SCI FI BARRICADES by Dark Gate Ltd, and they have a great line of barricades that are sure to strengthen your army on the table. This Kickstarter offers a set of 5 barricades with various battle damage, made in high quality resin in 28mm to 32mm scale. The pieces all come unpainted and there are a few little terrain extras in the future for stretch goals. The company states the will be producing the work within their own shop and not sourcing out, which promises timely delivery to their backers.


I can easily see these pieces working in a variety of games- Warmachine seems like an obvious fit.

Will you be fortifying your front with these menacing barricades?

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