A Gamer Dad Adventure Begins on IndieGoGo in TROOOOLLS!

November 13, 2013 by dracs

If you have been watching our recent Weekender episodes you would have seen Warren's Gamer Dad segment. Now an IndieGoGo campaign has appeared from MiniWarGamer Dave as he takes his kids on an adventure in his book TROOOOLLS!


TROOOOLLS! is described as "an adventure book for all ages", inspired by the fantasy role playing game which Dave created for his own two kids.


The book seeks to teach children important life lessons, such as acceptance of other people's differences and the importance of friendship, all while having fun and showing the importance of games and imagination.

Hide from the Trolls!

The IndieGoGo campaign seeks to bring this book to full publication, as well produce a read along video and an audio book version, a sample of which can be found here.

We have talked before about just how much of an impact gaming can have upon children and it is great to see that MiniWarGamer Dave has taken action with this and is representing our hobby within a children's book. We certainly wish Dave all the best with this and I am sure Warren will be wanting a copy of TROOOOLLS! for his kids.


If you want to see this succeed, be sure to head over to the IndieGoGo page and check it out. Just beware of the Trolls.

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