Glimpse Games and Gears’ Awesome Battle Boards on Kickstarter

December 9, 2013 by dracs

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Games and Gears have recently set up a Kickstarter campaign in search of funding to bring us all what they are calling the next generation of gaming boards and terrain pieces!

Games and Gears Battle Boards

So far the Kickstarter is geared (heh, see what I did there?) towards giving us some great looking battle boards suitable for a variety of games and Games and Gears have partnered with companies like Cipher Studios and Soda Pop Miniatures to create boards which capture the character of those games. One notable example of these is Games and Gears' Dropzone Commander cityscape board.

Dropzone Commander Cityscape Battle Board Complete

Dropzone Commander Cityscape Battle Board

In conjunction with Hawk Wargames existing terrain selection these battle boards will allow you to create a superbly detailed city and road system for your battles to take place within.

Dropzone Commander Cityscape Battle Board Street View

Dropzone Street View

Far more environments than just Dropzone Commander's cities are portrayed in these battleboards, as can be seen in their Anime Wars and Anima sets.

Anime Wars Battle Board

Anime Wars Board

Anime Wars

Anima Battle Boards

Anima Battle Board Water Feature

Anima Battle Board

Each of these sets conveys the individual character of their settings and the level of detail in their designs is really impressive. I particularly love the crazy-paving style cobblestone sections of the Anima boards as they add an excellent level of texture.

Games and Gears even go to Hell and back in the case of the Hellscape battle board.

Hellscape Battleboard

Hellscape Design


This is the perfect setting for your games of Hell Dorado or even to create a cool demon planet for you Chaos Space Marines to kick back on.

Of course, once you have got yourself a cool battle board you still need some terrain to bring the setting to life. Well Games and Gears have teamed up with Brush 4 Hire for some cool sci-fi terrain specifically made for the Kickstarter.

Brush 4 Hire Terrain

As well as these fairly nice mdf pieces, Games and Gears are showing off some absolutely fantastic renders for their Warsmith range of terrain.

Fantasy Steampunk Battlement

Fantasy Steampunk Battlement 2

Fantasy Steampunk Battlement 3

This Kickstarter looks like it will bring us some excellent terrain and allow us to make characterful and stylish tabletops suited to whatever games we happen to be playing. Be sure to head over and check it out.

Will you be chipping in to bring these battle boards to your gaming tables?

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