Grab & Go Mint Tin Games For a Quick Game Fix

October 1, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Mint tin games

We all love our games, but sometimes there just isn't enough time in a day to get a game in- until now. SubQuark Games & David Miller have a clever little Kickstarter out right now called, Mint Tin Games- Pirates & Aliens.

These 2 little games were designed to play in 15 minutes or less and have everything you need to play the game conveniently located in a mint tin. Though small, these games offer big fun and are easy to learn. The game themes are fan favorites, for sure, with easy to learn mechanics, and more importantly, DIFFERENT mechanics- so its not another one of those ploys with 2 titles and the same game underneath.

Mint Tin Aliens

The Aliens game is themed around aliens visiting the Earth to complete a summer project, and the first to do so, wins. Things included in your project are crop circles, cow abduction, mind control, etc. The mechanic is based upon making pairs of cards to complete the tasks for your summer project.

Mint Tin Pirates

The Pirates game is themed around 2 salty pirates facing off on the high seas. The first pirate to sink the other's ship or send their crew overboard wins. The mechanic in this game also starts off by making pairs of cards, but from there incorporates a dice rolling mechanic to achieve different results- bombs going off, man overboard, etc.

These games look fun and with such clever themes and portability, would make great additions to keep handy for road trips or lunch breaks- hey, sometimes you just have to play a game.

Will you find these Mint Tin Games in your pockets?

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