Gunmeister Games’ Judgement Tabletop MOBA Kickstarter Ending Soon!

February 23, 2017 by brennon

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The guys at Gunmeister Games busted through their target goal for Judgement, a MOBA inspired tabletop game for two players. Now they're looking for that last little hit as they close in on their final goal on Kickstarter with around twenty hours remaining...


The game of Judgement features many of the things that makes MOBA games so popular. You will pick your heroes using bans and limits, meaning you need to get good with a whole range of them.


Each of the heroes also features skills and abilities which focus them in a particular style of play, once again, familiar from MOBA games. You have tanks, carries, support and more - all under new monikers but essentially following this tried and tested formula.


The game is 54mm scale but don't fret as you play your battles out in on circular arena mat. You don't need to worry about making terrain to suit the scale as everything is pretty much sorted for you!


One of the other aspects of gameplay that I like is that it focuses not only on damage dealing but on being in the right place to strike. Manoeuvring and getting into position is key in this game, meaning that you need to consider where you stand and how each character interacts with the others.


The team at Gunmeister has done a wonderful job on the miniatures so far as you can tell and they have a MASSIVE roster of other characters for you to choose from waiting in the wings as renders and concept art.

You remember that ring I mentioned before? Well, here's a look at it...

Judgement Ring

Some of the features to bear in mind are the glowing sigils on the field. These allow you to sap away experience from the battleground, while the spots to the top and bottom spawn neutral enemies, 'creeps' if you will, that you can kill to gain experience if you don't fancy fighting your opponent.

The game looks like a tense affair with a serious tactical edge. You can watch a full battle report at the top of this page showing off the mechanics and the pick/ban style of play at the beginning.


There are a number of different options for pledges but I thought we'd check out the two ends of the spectrum. You can either dive in and pick up this pledge, the Starter Pack.

Starter Pack

This gives you enough to get started with three different heroes focused towards different styles of play. You could, however, step things up and go full on wild with the Gamer's Pack.

Gamer Pack

While a little pricier this comes with a mass of heroes, the game mat, the rulebook and all the tokens and dice you need to get started plus a bit more here and there. If you're interested in more of their options (including a single hero if you fancy just painting them up) you can find out more on their Kickstarter page.

Will you be jumping in on this one?

"Manoeuvring and getting into position is key in this game, meaning that you need to consider where you stand and how each character interacts with the others..."

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