A New Kickstarter Brings the Magic of Magnets to Our Tables

May 10, 2013 by dracs

We've all been there, sending our miniatures over a hill only to have them all fall over, or the hill constantly moves around so you're no longer sure where it started. Well a kickstarter has been set up to solve these problems with that miracle which is magnets!

Magnetised Prototype

This kickstarter looks to create a set of magnetised terrain and tiles to help keep your gaming safe and upright, rather than everything toppling over every time you knock it with your elbow.

Magnetised Tiles

Terrain Render

Here's what the Kickstarter mission statement itself says:

Our mission is to produce a quality table for the average gamer.  We want to produce a quality gaming table that ALL gamers can afford.  Not only that but a table where your models don't slide every time you move them onto a hill.  The hill also doesn't slide when you move across it.  Where trees can be placed anywhere and not fall over.The trees don’t need a base to put them onto.

Magnetised Hill

Do you guys think this kickstarter could be worth investing in?

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