Kickstarter Raises Loka Up Into the Air

March 12, 2013 by dracs

Only 12 days left for the Loka kickstarter, but still the stretch goals are being broken. The Air Faction is now fully funded, which leaves only the Ice set still to go.

Loka - Air Faction

As I have said, the next chess style play set we can expect to see is the Ice force and we're starting to be shown some of the pieces fully painted up and ready to play, like this pawn painted by Golem Painting Studio.

Loka - Ice Pawn

It looks as if in Loka the phrase "as cold as the grave" is more than just a simile.

To help tempt that cash out of your wallets a whole bunch of awesome new goodies have also been added to the kickstarter, including T-shirts and this awesome four sided chess clock.

Loka - Chess Clock

This is what you want if even fantasy chess doesn't have the thrills you need and want to really challenge yourselves.

As you can see the kickstarter is bounding from strength to strength and it can't be long until we see the chilly forces of the ice kingdom stepping onto the board. The minis are excellent with a really cool design and with goodies like the four way chess clock how can you not be tempted to chip in?

How many of you have already pledged your support? If you haven't why not head over to the kickstarter now?

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