Massive Awesome’s Shattered Earth Live On Kickstarter

February 11, 2016 by brennon

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Massive Awesome have now launched their Kickstarter for Shattered Earth and it's going great guns! At time of writing they are already half way towards their funding total and there's plenty to check out...

Shattered Earth

So where does the campaign stand right now? Well lets have a look at some of the aspects of their campaign and how it is coming together...

Pledge Levels

First up we'll look at some of the pledge levels you can aim for. There are a couple of Faction Sets which allow you to snap up the first miniatures to get you started within the world of Shattered Earth. Here we have the UNM...


But they have also sorted out Starter Boxes for both the Cult and the Deathless as well as you can see below. I don't know which one I'd plump for as they all look rather awesome but if pushed to it I reckon I'd have to go for the Cult for something a bit different.



If you fancy getting more people into the game then they are also providing some two player bundles which pack both the Cult and the UNM together into one set allowing you to duke it out with a friend.

Two Player Set

Additionally you can pledge that little bit more and also get some of the factions with their additional content like Vampyrs, a Kodiak Tactical Frame and a Biomancer for the various factions. If you want to find out more about those head on over to the Kickstarter page.

Gameplay & Rules

We had a chat with the Shattered Earth guys about the game not long ago on The Weekender but in the mean time they have also given a quick run down of the rules on their funding page AND you can download all of the relevant rules to give them a go.

Unit Profile Card

The game seems streamlined and simple to learn with a real focus on all of the working out happening around the tabletop rather than back in the book consulting charts.

Stretch Goals

Looking ahead they also have plenty of stretch goals planned out. The first ones are new factions which is great to see!

Faction Stretch Goals

It's great to see that the factions are going to be the focus of these first stretch goals as, if they hit their target and more, they could be adding a lot more depth to the world of Shattered Earth already.

You can find out LOADS about the background of this world too over on their Kickstarter page. They have really gone to town on it!

Will you be backing?

"Looking ahead they also have plenty of stretch goals planned out. The first ones are new factions which is great to see!"

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