MidKnight Heroes Kickstarter Melds Sci-Fi & Fantasy Together

June 8, 2015 by brennon

The MidKnight Heroes Season 0 Kickstarter is aiming to meld the Sci-Fi and Fantasy worlds and races into one and present you with an exquisite line of highly detailed miniatures for your tabletop.

MidKnight Heroes

Main Funding Goal

The main aim of their campaign was to get this one miniature funded, the Fai Chieftain known as Leonide. You can see him in both the artwork and a work-in-progress shot below...

Leonide (Artwork)

Leonide (Work In Progress)

I think you can agree that the level of detail in that sculpt is pretty high already and that's only a little way through the production of it. The miniatures line itself will grow to represent sizes ranging from 28mm all the way to 50mm. While the smaller models will be cast in metal the larger ones will be resin projects.

Stretch Goals

As well as Leonide above there are of course plans for the future with their stretch goals. The two below focus on the same character but in varying styles showing off what they want to do with the range as it grows...

Chibi Elvia

Elvarian Mercenary

Other models that are on the horizon include huge walkers and mechs alongside a plethora of different characters. There are even plans for a comic book down the line if they make it that far AND there should be a skirmish level game in the works too allowing you to use all these heroes and villains.


I think this is a great project coming out of a small team with a nice vision for Kickstarter. They have a modest goal that they've already popped through and over twenty days left in order to see how high they can go when it comes to stretch goals.

We wish them the best of luck!

"The main aim of their campaign was to get this one miniature funded, the Fai Chieftain known as Leonide..."

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