Night of Man Kickstarter- Who Will Survive?

December 15, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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It is the year 2037.  The home of humanity lies in ruins.  Earth’s cities are devastated and a mysterious alien invader known only as “Killers” hunts the last remnants of humanity.  Using a mixture of old weaponry and new technology, the survivors wage a guerrilla war against the occupiers.  Who will decide the fate of the planet?  As the night of man begins, humanity’s spirit to resist reawakens.

night of man

Man vs. Aliens always makes for good story and Flying Pig Games has it covered in a cool little Kickstarter out right now called, Night of Man. This is a card based, tactical board game where players can play the men or the aliens and battle to the death through 8 different scenarios.

night of man board

Each of the scenarios offers an interesting mix of different "toys" and units for the players to control including: tanks, heroes, squads of soldiers, hover cars, walkers, missile teams and much more.

night of man cards

Each turn players draw up to four cards and game play consists of alternating turns until 3 cards from each player's hands have been played. Each player can keep one card to carry into the next round. Move your teams and use your unit's different abilities to out maneuver and take control of your opponent. The abilities add a unique spin to the game including telekinesis, controling robot spiders, introducing snipers and much more.

night of man pieces

Would you control men or aliens in this futuristic encounter?

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