Purge The City Of Parasites In Trouble In Templetown

June 14, 2019 by cassn

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Welcome to Templetown; a thriving, bustling metropolis which exists entirely inside the body of Stanley Hasselhoff. As a White Cell Agent, it's your job to clean up this city and keep it free from the influence of nasty germs and viruses who roam the mean streets. Keep germs in check while building enough immunity walls to keep Stanley safe from the spreading infection!


Trouble in Templetown can be played in co-operative, competitive, and solo modes. Work to prevent parasites, bacteria, and other invaders from taking control of the city by securing Districts and building Immunity Walls. Fail to stop the spread and find yourself face to face with bacterial boss Frankie Bola, in a head-to-head battle for Stanley's life!


There are three types of enemies which players can encounter: Lazy Parasites, which stay and spawn in a single zone, laying eggs in adjacent sectors; Wandering Bacteria, which travel between zones, laying new eggs as they go; and Frankie Bola, who moves secretly, spawning eggs that are only revealed when cornered!


In each round, players are dealt up to six action cards which can be used to build Immunity Walls, Move between zones, and cure Bacteria and Parasites. However, despite sounding simple, White Cell Agents will soon realize that upgrading your skills, buying new items, and equipping the best weapons is the only way to hold back the vicious virus which is overrunning your city!


Despite some terrible puns (Neutra Lisa, anyone?) Trouble In Templetown has received fantastic reviews so far. The Deluxe Edition even includes some pretty cool miniature sculpts of the four main heroes, and backers can add-on a mini of Frankie Bola along with their pledge.


Trouble In Templetown is currently fully funded on Kickstarter and is unlocking some really cool stretch goals, so make sure those Vitamin C levels are high and check out the campaign here.

Can you think of better puns for the characters of Templetown? Give us your best below!

"Hold back the vicious virus which is overrunning your city!"

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