Get Ready to Walk the Urban Streets of Secret Weapon

April 17, 2013 by dracs

The Urban Streets set for Secret Weapon's Tablescape kickstarter has been fully funded and to celebrate we get some more concepts to see what we can expect from this city layout.

Urban Streets Clean Concepts 1

Urban Streets Clean Concepts 2

The Urban Streets will come in two forms; clean and dirty. Clean streets will allow you depict well maintained roads city, while dirty ones will be display cracks and damage.

Urban Streets Dirty Concept

Mix these together and you could make a rather alive basis for your city scape.

Then we also have this little preview.

Urban Fortification set

Secret Weapon are making an Urban Fortification set to go along with these Urban Streets. Just what you need in urban warfare, some great, big walls to hide behind and break up the lines of sight afforded by long, straight roads.

Head over to kickstarter to start laying down your own Urban Streets.

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