Renaissance Build an Asian Village Upon Kickstarter Foundations

April 5, 2013 by dracs

Renaissance Miniatures, creators of a great range of pre-painted modular buildings, have set up a kickstarter to build a village of the far east.

Renaissance - Eastern Village

With the help of the kickstarter, Renaissance look set to bring out a wide array of detailed terrain pieces, perfect to bring your gaming tables of the Orient to life.

Renaissance - Ronin's House

Renaissance - Dock

Renaissance - Temple

Renaissance - Ornate Bridge

Renaissance - Pagoda

There isn't much more to say other than these look great, a fact reflected by the success of the kickstarter.

Renaissance - Eastern Village 2

A number of Asian themed games are around at the moment, such as Kensei and Bushido, so these will provide you with the best way to quickly make a great looking Asian style gaming table. With the rich variety of bridges and buildings it looks especially suited to skirmish games.

If you want to bring Asia to your tabletop goo and support the kickstarter now.

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