RPG Meets Reality TV Will You Be the Last One Standing?

September 26, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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This RPG caught my eye on Kickstarter today. The Last One Standing: Your Guide to Death and Glory, by Stephen Bretall is a really fun, new RPG that basically brings The Hunger Games to your tabletop.

Last One Standing

The GM is "director" of this warped game where you are pit against your friends to survive the arena and be The Last One Standing. Of course, in this story, this game is being filmed because people like to see the drama of the arena, and after all, violence often gets better ratings. There is a huge variety of characters to choose from, all with different traits and quirks that offer advantages or disadvantages in the arena. The Kickstarter states that this game combines the best of both worlds with the imagination of RPG's with the speed and ease of play of a board game. This game is meant to be competitive, not cooperative. That being said, you can have a lot of fun playing it in part as cooperative, since we all know you often survive longer when you work as a team- until someone has to WIN.

Will you be one of these characters?

Last One Standing characters

Or will you be one of the, oh how shall we say, less well adjusted ones?

Last One Standing crazy characters

Sometimes the crazy ones surprise you!

There is a print and play version of the game on the Kickstarter right now, and this theme has me intrigued. I will be checking this one out. Who knows, maybe I could be the last one standing? Or maybe just the nerdiest?

Think you have what it takes to be the Last One Standing?

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