Soulspryte Studios Bust Onto Kickstarter With Bloodstone Frontier

April 28, 2016 by brennon

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Soulspryte Studios are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their 'Pioneer-punk' Wild West game called Bloodstone Frontier...

Bloodstone Frontier

The game features some nice models and a rather interesting mechanic for gameplay as you'll see below.


Bloodstone is run off a deck of cards. However, unlike in Malifaux where the cards are used for just the tests in the game the cards here also work as your measurements too. For example here is a regular move...

Gameplay 1

If you wanted to move more then you'd use a red card which allows you to move twice. Shooting is much the same with cards being use to dictate whether or not you can hit an opponent.

Gameplay 2

You will then use more cards from your deck to decide if your shot was successful or not. It creates an interesting balancing and choice mechanic within the game it seems where you have to work out whether or not you want to use your cards for actual 'play' or to get around the tabletop.

Pretty nifty right?

The Sheriff's Gang

In terms of models they have painted up the first of their gangs, the Sheriff's Office Gang. Here we have...

Joseph Wade

Lana Devrit

Renan - The Maverick

...and their faithful hound by the name of Eccho.


All of the miniatures from Soulspryte are resin and appear to be around the 28mm to 32mm mark. I really like what we're seeing here with plenty more of the Wild West about the models compared to Steampunk.

Other Crews

As well as these painted models they have designs ready for two more options on the tabletop in Bloodstone Frontier. The first is the Songbird Saloon.

Songbird Saloon

Here we have some well armed ladies and a bartender who looks like he's listened to far too many problems.

The Ol' Spot Gang have also been drawn up and are there for those of you who like the yokle lifestyle out there on the plains.

Ol Spot Boys

I quite like the idea of these big pigs being able to take on the likes of the Songbirds - rampaging through their saloon!

The Scrapyard Magnates are also on their way if they can reach their target.

What do you think of the game from first glance?

"...they have designs ready for two more options on the tabletop in Bloodstone Frontier. The first is the Songbird Saloon"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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