Maybe Your Space Station Requires a Map- Distant Outposts

July 23, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Distant Outposts

Now your space based games can have the inner workings of your space station at your fingertips with a new Kickstarter, Distant Outposts: A Sci-Fi poster map set, by Christopher West.

Space station mat

This looks like a fun, fast way to lay out a scene for your game and incorporate different aspects of a space adventure. You have terrain to cover your outer interactions and docking with the space station, as well as plenty of square footage for skirmish level interaction aboard in the many rooms and corridors.

There are many levels to choose from in the Kickstarter from printable PDF's all the way up to double sided 4x6, vinyl prints.

Double space image

double space image 2

Will these maps provide the close encounter you are looking for?

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