Temporum Oblitus Now Recruiting.

January 2, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Temporum Oblitus (time forgotten) a game now on Kickstarter from Pigmi Games is recruiting new players. In this Sci-Fi / Steampunkery (thank you Justin) game you can play one of five armies and attempt to wrestle control of the planet from the other oppressive races.


So, what makes this game unique that you would consider investing your hard earned gaming money? Well, for one this game is papercraft. Everything (well mostly) is papercraft, the miniatures and the terrain. Per the Kickstarter page there is an entire range of options for setting your table and getting your combat on.

Free Frontier Army

Core of Humanity

There is also an essential rules download Here. I always enjoy seeing creative ways people come up with to present the gaming world with their ideas. The thing that attracts me to projects like this is that you can make it a family activity and have everyone cutting and gluing and putting these together.

Ruskin Army

Source Army

I have not had a chance to read through the rulebook yet, but I would be interested to hear opinions from those you might get the chance to. The only downfall I see with this game is the time it takes to print, cut and glue your army together, however the same could be aquated to regular metal or plastic minis. This is their second go around for this game on Kickstarter, unfortunately this first campaign did not fund, hopefully this time they can meet their goal.

Obbs Army

What do you think, is there room for papercraft wargames?

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