Train Yourselves in Renaissance’s Dojo

April 9, 2013 by dracs

The kickstarter for Renaissance Miniature's East Asian terrain has met with a high level of success already. To celebrate another new Asian styled building is under construction, the Dragon Dojo.

Renaissance - Dragon Dojo

I have practised some form of martial art since I was 11 and to me the word dojo means the village hall with a couple of crash mats.

This, however, is the dojo I dreamed about when I first started martial arts after watching Jackie Chan Adventures.

Renaissance - Dragon Dojo Interior

This building shows a great attention to detail, from the carved dragons above the door to the architectural style itself. It even has weapon racks!

Renaissance also have a new piece of Eastern weaponry for you to terrorize the enemy with. The Hwacha!

Renaissance - Hwacha

Now you can hurl 100 highly inaccurate, but nonetheless terrifying, arrows each with a black powder explosive on the end. Ancient weaponry doesn't get much cooler.

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