Rumbleslam Is Live On Kickstarter From TTCombat

December 16, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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Let's get ready to rumble!!!

RS art

TTCombat's exciting, fantasy wrestling miniatures game, RUMBLESLAM, is live on Kickstarter now. This game is literally full of all the characters we love about fantasy miniature games with all the flair and attitude of wrestling. RS kickstarter logo

But since this is fantasy wrestling, they've even kicked it up a notch- why battle with one wrestler against another wrestler, when you can take on teams of wrestlers?

RS heavy pounders

In RUMBLESLAM, players will be trying to throw the opponent's team out of the ring. Yes, it can be very exciting if they're still conscious when you do, but it'd sure be easier if you knock them out first! With an action packed game like this, there'll be plenty of dice rolling as players take turns alternating model activation.

Even when it's the other player's turn, you will be rolling dice to try to fend off their wild moves.

RS green bruisers

Given the expected level of drama and show that we've all come to love in wrestling, there's even special crowd pleaser dice that can be played throughout the game- but be warned. As in real life wrestling (which is a rather amusing statement), the crowd is often a fickle bunch.

Sometimes they're on your side, but other times they just may not like you and you'll suffer a brutal "boo" which causes you to lose an action point.

RS box contents

To start, the core set will come with two wrestling crews - The Heavy Pounders and The Green Bruisers, but don't worry, there are plenty of add ons to jazz up your game with a fantasy twist on some wrestling favourites.

RS stat cards

The game will come with basic stat cards for each character as well as a ton of upgrade stats and wild and crazy alternative moves.

What kind of fantasy crew would you like to take into the ring?

"To start, the core set will come with two wrestling crews - The Heavy Pounders and The Green Bruisers..."

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