Zandoria Build Deep Dungeons With PuzzleLock Playsets

March 19, 2019 by brennon

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Zandoria Studios are on Kickstarter right now with their PuzzleLock Playsets, 3D printable dungeon tiles for use when you're going adventuring on the tabletop.

Puzzelock Caves - Zandoria Models & Miniatures

As mentioned above, these are 3D printable STL files which you can work with at home, printing them off on your own printer or at a fab-lab before adding your own lick of paint, ready for the tabletop.

Puzzlelock Caves Prints - Zandora Models & Miniatures

Each piece can be assembled in a variety of different ways due to the puzzle nature of the tiles and they have been working on options for both Caves and also a traditional Dungeon.

Different Dungeon Designs

These work very well with 28mm miniatures too although of course, you could probably scale them if needed.

Puzzelock Caves (Examples) - Zandoria Models & Miniatures

I think this would also be great for simple skirmish games and more dynamic dungeon delves where you move characters by 'hex' rather than on traditional squares.

Puzzelock Dungeons (Examples) - Zandoria Models & Miniatures

The team have worked through their original goal and are now working towards unlocking stretch goals like Traps & Secret Doors, Sewers & Undercity, Crypts & Catacombs and finally Burrows & Tunnels.

Make sure to have a peek at more from this range over on the Kickstarter page as I think this could work well as an alternative to your traditional dungeon tiles. It's also maybe a little more affordable than going for something like Dwarven Forge!

What do you think of their offerings?

"I think this would also be great for simple skirmish games and more dynamic dungeon delves..."

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