Zealot Miniatures’ Twisting Catacombs Kickstarter Ending Soon

October 16, 2018 by brennon

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Zealot Miniatures is closing in on the final hours for their Twisting Catacombs, Litchmyre Dungeon Kickstarter. If you're looking to get your hands on some upgraded HeroQuest miniatures this is the place to look.

Twisting Catacombs Gamer Set - Zealot Miniatures

The campaign has produced a range of heroes and monsters for you to use in your dungeon delving and as we mentioned above, to replace some of the oldschool models you have in your HeroQuest box.

Twisting Catacombs Fight #1 - Zealot Miniatures

The team are producing the models in a number of different materials and in various bundles as well. You can either pick them up in a standard resin, high-quality resin or white metal if you want that heftier feel to your collection.

Twisting Catacombs Fight #2 - Zealot Miniatures

All of the models have been sculpted by the wonderfully talented Boris Woloszyn who has captured the essence of these old models with new and dynamic techniques.

New Unlocks

As well as the basic sets that you've seen above the team has also been working towards some great new miniatures in the last few days including Female Heroes...

Female Heroes - Zealot Miniatures

...the Undead Dwarf King who will be a new foe for you to face down in the depths, and...

Undead Dwarf King - Zealot Miniatures

...the Mages Of Mardur. These offer up new ideas for encounters as you bring in dastardly foes and their minions to face your heroes.

Mages Of Mardur - Zealot Miniatures

Are you going to be delving down into this Kickstarter and pick up some characters for yourself? I can imagine a lot of people are seeing this and it is tickling their nostalgia buttons!

Let us know if you've gone in on this yourself!

"I can imagine a lot of people are seeing this and it is tickling their nostalgia buttons!"

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