Zombies? Maybe You Should “Fear the Living”- A New RPG

July 12, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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John Thomas Jessop is a huge fan of the zombie genre, as many of us are, and he set off to make a zombie RPG that really captures ALL the aspects of the zombie apocalypse. Look at the range of zombie movies and tv shows, which cover everything from "realistic" drama, to tongue and cheek comedy. This RPG tries to capture all of it. Fear the Living is available on Kickstarter right now for the gamers who love all things zombie. Of course there's blood and guts and brain eating, but there should also be amusement in the often predictable surge of zombies and the stereotypical, over the top machismo of some survivors. The game wouldn't be complete without some legitimate drama in the everyday, like the difficult choices that survivors would have to make to continue making it through each day and each zombie attack.


Looking a the concept of the character sheets, I really like the elements they have on there. They put a lot of thought into the different aspects that would impact the way a "survivor" would label themselves and the traits they would have to influence their actions in the RPG. You have elements like: Humanity, Ruthlessness, Authority, and Will to Survive, that revolve around the usual things like: MO's, Relationships, Gear, Talents and Supply.

Character sheet

A clever and valid point from the creator, John, says "Even the most cold-hearted bastard can be Ruthless for so long." He means that they way you choose to approach your character will constantly change the game around you, and the way you approach your character may very well change throughout game play based upon the circumstances that occur. In typical fashion, dice rolling will determine success or failures in given situations, but your different qualities can be used to offer additional options. For instance, you are bitten by a zombie and you have been rolling terribly in the game to this point (we've all been there). Do you hack off your own arm to avoid the risk of infection, gaining a liability point, or do you take the gamble of another ify dice roll to hope you roll successfully to say the bite didn't break the skin?

Will you live in fear of zombies in this RPG, or perhaps you Fear the Living?

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