A New Twist On Chess With King Down

September 10, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Love chess, but looking for a new flavor to enhance your experience? How about a multiplayer game of chess with some pretty nice miniatures that are ready to play and throw in some new twists and magic? Well, I might have an option for you, there is a new game that has  just come onto the Kickstarter scene by a game designer named Saar Shai and it is called King Down.

King Down

In this game you play one of four possible heirs to the throne of a now gone king and you have to amass your army and attempt to out wit your opponents to claim the crown.

King Down Kings

King Down Pieces

They are calling King Down the "prequel to chess", not 100% sure on what they mean by that, since the mechanics of chess are pretty straightforward and incredibly difficult to master. But, hey it looks like an interesting game. Oh and the creator Saar Shai had another successful Kickstarter for a game called The Agents.

King Down Additional Characters

Are you looking to take your rightful place on the throne?

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