Kingdom Death Gets More Creepy With Three New Models!

October 24, 2012 by brennon

Kingdom Death has got some creepy looking miniatures out right now, and they will surely be in short supply very, very soon! Check out the three new models below all with their own crazy style...

The Scribe

"The Scribe is the power behind the Kings and their armies. To men, he is a god made flesh, appearing in repose atop his throne with his tome hoisted by a grotesque tableau of slaves. In his book his words are writ into reality, sewing the seeds of small human settlements into existence with the stroke of his quill. Once the humans grow and reproduce the Scribe will return to harvest his crop."

Twilight Knight

"The Twilight Knights order once protected the recorded knowledge of humanity in Kingdom Death. Now in shambles, the Twilight Knights, with their archivists, struggle to keep the tiny flame of knowledge alive."

Forge God

"The Forge God minds the furnaces of the Holy Lands, a massive creature who's very pores produce the holy steel that the edifices of the Holy Lands are made of. He is consumed by the desire for perfection in his works, the Mothers, Grandmothers and White Knights are his personal masterworks."

So what do you think of these weird and wonderful miniatures? The Forge God, I think most people will agree, is the strangest of the bunch. He looks like something dredged up from the depths of Dante's Inferno and crossed with the bosses from Dark/Demon Souls. By comparison The Twilight Knight is a normal miniature that could be from any other range.

Which one will you be picking up?

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