A Trusted Guard and Lost Survivors from Kingdom Death

August 20, 2012 by brennon

Kingdom Death has three new miniatures up on their website! Two of them have unfortunately sold out yet again, but one of them is ready for the taking. Check out the different models below...

Pin-up Architect

First up is the Pin-Up Architect with a range of different options. She might be out of stock, but on the bright side they are hoping to restock her as soon as possible.

Illuminated Lady

Next is the Illuminated Lady. According to her background she is one of those lost in the darkness forever. If you encounter her down in the shadows her light will fill you with serenity before she leads you off, never to be found again. One hundred and fifty copies of her miniature will be available at a later date!

King's Hand

Last but not least is the King's Hand. This stalwart soldier is a trusted retainer and each Hand of the King is a mighty warrior with extraordinary skill with a blade.

Of all the miniatures above, on the King's Hand is in stock so make sure to grab it before it sells out!

Which is your favourite from these releases?

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