New Update & Previews From Kingdom Death!

September 23, 2014 by brennon

Another update for Kingdom Death has hit the Kickstarter and they're putting loads of effort into making this project succeed from the sounds of it. To quote the update 'I’ve been busy, more busy then I’ve ever been in my life'.

Lantern Armour (Full)

Lantern Armour #1

Lantern Armour #2

Lantern Armour #3

Lantern Armour #4

First up we have this awesome set of Lantern Armour for your various survivors. This is another kit that comes with more accessories and bitz than you could shake a stick at allowing you to make some very cool and personalised heroes. I'm a big fan of the massive axe and of course all the chunky shoulder armour.

Stone Face Bases

Next we have these Stone Face Base Inserts that you can use to make all your miniature look that little bit more creepy in the world of Kingdom Death. Very cool and I reckon people are going to have a lot of fun when it comes to how to paint this.

Screaming Antelope

The Hand

The Scribe

Last but not least we have three new models for the range. The first is the Screaming Antelope followed by The Hand and The Scribe. The Antelope continues with their theme of warped and twisted animals and I love how it almost looks normal enough until you see the underside.

Following on from that The Hand is another one of their seemingly simple but very well detailed sculpts. I love the intricacy of the armour plating and the detail he's managed to get into every nook and cranny. Talking of detail and skill The Scribe certainly shows that off too! An amazing piece of work with his 'arm chair' (what a good play on that) followed by his creepy human-like lectern and all the little bits and pieces flowing around him. His face is astounding.

There are also some cool rulebook and card previews for you to check out too if you head on over to the update!

What do you think of all this new Kingdom Death stuff?

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