Alessio on Combat, Shooting and Special Rules in KoW

August 1, 2010 by warzan

In this final part of the interview with Alessio Cavatore, I get to ask him about his thoughts on the rest of the game mechanics (at least the ones he had started to solidify at this stage).

Its an interesting chat and really does give a fascinating insight into the inner thoughts of a game developer as he wrestles with the (often competing) demands of servicing a model range and servicing the community that adopts them.

By the end of our time with Alessio (having looked into the planned rules in some depth) we were left with a clear sense of excitement and anticipation that this game will be both fun to play, and will start to add what the Mantic range has been missing; 'character' to the models, because while they are just models they can feel static and un-alive, what Mantic and Alessio are embarking on now is the process that will take the model range and start to bring it to life.

Good times we are living in eh?

We have seen a bit of debate over the chess clock, and i suppose it should be stated that the chess clock is optional, but the interesting thing about the debates we have seen raging is the push back seems to be coming from those people who have never played (any game) with a chess clock before. Those that have seem to understand the great (optional) layer of fun having one can actually bring - even to a beer and pretzels game.

This is an interesting thing we see in the wargaming community quite a lot (at least within the vocal minority), a clear reluctance to try anything new, and just discount it without taking the time to even experiment with the idea. Now of course these attitudes exist in every industry, but seem to be some how more prevalent in the wargaming community - is this attitude the last bastion of defence to try and protect our industry from changing beyond recognition, or is it a poison that even turns the very young into stubborn traditionalists who fear scorn (or being flamed) for trying anything innovative?

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