The Basilean Legacy Will Be Writ In Stone By August!

July 24, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games have put up all of their Basilean Legacy line up for pre-order on their webstore. Check out a list of some of the miniatures below for Kings of War...

The Basilean Legacy Supplement

The book contains army lists for the elemental Forces of Nature, the Basilean Paladins and the Forces of the Abyss. However to start things off you better start collecting your holy army as the Basilean are out in force.

Basilean Paladin Set

Basilean Army

Basilean Paladin Knight Set

There are a few more other big models out there too and while I know a fair few of you aren't fans of the Basilean Men-At-Arms or the Sisterhood you can't deny that the Paladins are looking top notch. They look a lot like the Templars from Dragon Age so I think that's why I like them.

I have been thinking of ways I can include them in my existing armies and I reckon I'm going to use the Paladins as Grave Guard in my growing Vampire Counts army. Give them spectral faces and skin and then paint them as spirits in armour.

What do you think of the Basilean?

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