Basilean Paladins Take Shape For Kings Of War

May 14, 2013 by brennon

Remy Tremblay, an awesome sculptor for Mantic Games has shown off some of the work-in-progress Paladins for the Basilean army in Kings of War. Check out these epic looking warriors below...

Paladin #1

Paladin #2

Paladin #3

First up we can see some of the Paladins with their massive two handed swords. I love the style of the armour, the awesome robes and those epic looking helmets. I was immediately reminded of the Chantry Templars from Dragon Age when I saw these.

Paladin Musician

Paladin Standard Bearer

The Paladin Musician and Standard Bearer are also looking epic. I think I might have actually found my new army for Kings of War if the rest of their force turns out like this.

Paladin Components

And here are the components for the various soldiers. It's cool to see those spears too which will no doubt look just as great when attached to the Paladins on horseback. You can actually see the rider legs at the bottom of the image.

What do you think of these Paladins?

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