The Celestian Kings of War Army Gets New Concepts

June 22, 2012 by brennon

You may remember that Kings of War was graced with some Angelic concept art at the beginning of the week. Well, let's see more from Mantic Games as they explore the Celestian faction a little more...

Celestian Men-at-Arms Concept

The newest concept art comes in the form of this Man-At-Arms which will form the steady centre of any Celestian army. I like the medieval style armour and the fact that they mirror the undead counterparts that we saw when Kings of War first launched. It gives the world some added credibility when you can tell the undead humans came from another faction.

Celestian Battle Nun Concept #1

Celestian Battle Nun Concept #2

Celestian Battle Nun Concept #3

Next up are the Battle Nuns that wouldn't look out of place in the world of Diablo with that art style. Some nice continuity between the Men-At-Arms and the Nuns armour tying them into a unified faction. Let's hope the models turn out as nice as the concept art.

Last but not least is the reason we are all here. Celestian armies are all good but Dwarfs riding Brocks is what the fuss is all about surely?

Dwarf Brockrider Concept

Dwarfs riding badgers! The voice of the masses was heard and we can only hope this is the final concept art before Mantic put their sculptors to the grindstone and get them working all hours of the day to bring us these models.

57 Hours left (as of posting this!) on the Kickstarter so get pledging!

So how do you like the way the Celestians are shaping up?

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