Check Out Characters & Troops For The Future Of Kings Of War

May 27, 2013 by brennon

If you are a lover of fantasy and not too enamored with this talk of Warpath and Deadzone then you might be interested to see the new Kings of War Models on the way from Mantic Games...

Basilean Men at Arms

Basileans Paladins

Basileans Sisters

First up we have a look at the Basileans with their Men-At-Arms, Paladins and Sisters all ready to provide their own brand of holy justice when it comes to the enemy.

The Paladins are my absolute favourite models from their range, I love the style of them and they look brutal. I reckon I might be grabbing a regiment of these when they come out.



Orc Chariot


Next up we have some monstrous beasts and contraptions for the battlefield. Mummies look pretty darn deadly but what about next to the likes of that Ogre or those snarling Werewolves (my favourite of the ones above). Even the Orc Chariot is looking like a nice piece of battlefield kit.

J’zik Gearlund

El’Rik Nisleen

The Green Lady

To round things off we have these character models for the various armies. As you might imagine by favourite is the Dwarf at the top but the other two, despite being Elves are pretty darn epic too. While you could of course use them for Kings of War I reckon all of them would be brilliant as role-playing heroes.

That's what I intend to use that Dwarf as anyway! I reckon he would make a perfect Cleric or Fighter. The El'Rik is a perfect Wizard and The Green Lady a mighty Druid.

What do you think of all these new models?

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