Dwarf Cavalry for Kings of War? Yes Please!

June 14, 2012 by brennon

The Kings of War Kickstarter now has 10 days left and as an added surprise they have revealed some of the concept art for their Dwarf Cavalry, The Brockriders! Check them out below in some of their iterations...

Old Dwarf Cavalry Brock Rider Concept Art

This was the idea for Dwarf Cavalry back before Kings of the War was a glimmer in the proverbial Milk Mans eye. Not too bad looking right? Well this is what they are working on right now...

Brock Concept #1

This is one of the new concepts for the Brock creatures that the Dwarfs ride. This is more in keeping with the previous view of them as a boar-like creature but how about if they were more 'out there'?

Brock Concept #2

Brock Concept #3

Now they look a lot more like cave dwelling creatures which would make sense with the way Dwarfs live. Maybe they learned to tame these beasts, drawing them out of the rock and keeping a rather uneasy alliance with them as their steeds. But who would be willing to ride one of these crazy beasts? A Berserker of course!

Dwarf Berserker Brockrider

I am liking the craziness going on here. While the more boar-like mount would suit the armoured Dwarf knight I feel that a Berserker would be insane enough to clamber onto the back of one of those beasts and go charging off across the battlefield.

New Dwarf Cavalry Brockrider Concept Art

I hope you can make this guy out on the paper but if not click to expand the image for a better look. These could easily be some of the best models Mantic has ever made and you have to hope the funding gets far enough to make these guys a possibility. Bring on loads of Brockriders!

What do you make of the Dwarf Cavalry?

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