It’s Elf Week Over On The Mantic Games Blog!

October 16, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games might be in deep space with the Mars Attacks Kickstarter but that hasn't stopped them looking at their other games. Kings of War is still a firm favourite, especially at my local club, and Elf Week will most likely spur on more love for it!

The Green Lady

First up Mantic have been showing off the awesome Green Lady who will be leading your Elves into battle. She was made possible via the Kings of War Kickstarter and should become available for ordering on Friday this week!

The rules for her can also be found within the Kings and Legends supplement which also contains a few other special figures including a very awesome looking Dwarf.

Keris and Shaarlyot

If you have some Mantic Points lying around then you might also want to see about picking up this pair of heroes, Keris and Shaarlyot. Twenty five of those stickers and you'll be taking these two onto the battlefield with hounds in tow too!

While neither of them are Elves one is an awesome Druid and the other a Spirit of Air, and there is a love story too! I reckon both of these would be awesome looking role-playing heroes, they even have their familiars all sorted out.

We're certainly seeing some good models for Kings of War!

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