Exclusive! Forces Of Nature Centaurs Charge Out For Kings Of War

March 14, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games have shared with us some exclusive looks at what's on the horizon for The Forces Of Nature in Kings of War. We've been given a sneaky look at a new metal kit which will make Centaur Striders & Hunters...


First up we have the Striders above who are armed with all manner of melee weapons for smashing aside the enemy in a head long charge. I really like the look of the Centaurs with the axes as I think it goes well with the nature aesthetic. They are just begging to be painted up in mottled green and brown.

Following on from the Striders we have the Hunters who are the ranged option for the Centaurs.


As you can see the duel kit nature of these Centaurs allows you to create a set of mythical creatures armed with either bows or melee weapons. I could imagine these being great harassing units, dashing around the flanks of the enemy to send arrows flying into their undefended sides.

I'm really looking forward to what else is going to be coming up in the Forces of Nature!

What do you think of these  wild riders?

"They are just begging to be painted up in mottled green and brown..."

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