Goblins & Trolls Infest the Kings of War World of Mantica

June 2, 2012 by brennon

Some new developments from the land of Mantica today with them showing off some Work-in-Progress images of their new Goblins and a piece of concept art for the Trolls in Kings of War...

Mawbeasts & Handler


First up are the Mawbeasts with their rather confident looking handler. I wonder how much it would take for one of those feral nasties to turn round and start eating him? I really like the look of the Mantic Goblins at the moment actually, very old school in their appearance.

Goblin War Trombone #1

Goblin War Trombone #2

Now that's an original looking piece of kit. What you see above is the Goblin War Trombone. You also see a pair of Goblins paying very close attention to it and looking like they really hope it works properly!

As well as Goblins Mantic have also shown off, through their Kickstarter Campaign, a concept for the Trolls in their world. Check him out...

Kings of War Troll Concept Art
Certainly got a little bit of the Trollblood about him? I really love the image so far and can't wait to see more of them as the process moves along.

Looking forwards to starting your Goblin army?

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