Heroic & Dark Dwarfs Are The New Focus For Kings Of War

March 20, 2014 by brennon

Mantic Games look to be delving back into the world of Kings of War over the next few months with the release of the Hellfire & Stone supplement alongside models for both your standard Dwarfs and the Abyssal kind.

Brock Riders

First off we have the Dwarfs who will be getting their Brock Riders (seen above) which are awesome badger riding maniacs. Following on from them will be the Dwarf Bombard and Bulwarkers. The thing I am interesting in though above all of that is what new heroic characters they are going to have on offer.

Abyssal Dwarfs

The Abyssal Dwarfs are getting all new plastic infantry kits and a whole bunch of allies. Immortal Guard, Gargoyles, and Lesser Obsidian Golems are ranking up alongside the Halfbreed Cavalry, Katsuchan Rocket Launcher, Black Souls and Decimators. That is a lot of angry evil Dwarfs.

This of course means a whole bunch of updating to do and the army sets will get a lick of paint alongside the new book. Look out for more very soon on these Kings of War developments.

What do you think?

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