Kickstarting in the Kings of War World of Mantica?

May 26, 2012 by brennon

Getting into the Kickstarter spirit are the folks at Mantic Games. Needless to say I bet you can guess what game is being pushed but for those of you who don't know its the world of Kings of War.

Kings of War - Sneak Peak Cover

Their Kickstarter campaign is promoting and helping promote their Hardback Rulebook for the system and boasts an impressive amount of Pledge levels which include a fair few army give aways.

At the top of the spectrum is even the prospect of getting a miniature cast of yourself and then playing a game with the mighty Ronnie Renton! - Wow both of the top end pledges have gone now. Don't worry there are still plenty of other levels! -

Mantic Werewolf

Werewolf & Ogre

On top of mighty humans and the rest of their powerful armies there are also plans to get stuck into the Werewolves, Ogres and Trolls of the Mantica world.

I am a particular fan of that Ogre art, although I really do want to see Trolls from Mantic. My Dwarf Berserker hungers for a good fight!

So will you get into the Kickstarter spirit for Kings of War which has already smashed its $5,000 dollar target?

Let's see what you guys think below...

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