Becoming A King Of War: The Two Player Battle Set

October 30, 2013 by crew

Box Lid

Upon receiving the Kings of War: Two Player Battle Set, I didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve always admired the game from a distance and watched/read many reviews about the miniatures and contents of the box but I had never been brave enough to jump in and get my hands on a set for myself. I now regret spending so long deliberating whether or not it would be a wise addition to my gaming world because, quite frankly, it’s one of the best starter sets on the market.

Box Rear

On the back of the box you will find the words ‘This box contains all you need to start playing Kings of War’. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen this printed on a starter set but honestly I think it’s the first time it’s been true. At the time of course, I didn’t believe it and I was happily surprised at the box’s contents.


As I removed the lid I was firstly met by a mountain of sprues. I was surprised that Mantic were able to fit so many in the box and after a few minutes of rummaging through them, I had realised I had disturbed the order and knew I would struggle to close it again. I was, and still am, amazed at the sheer volume of contents contained within the starter set. If you are looking to start a hobby based primarily on value for money, this set is for you!

The set contains a grand total of 108 miniatures (55 for the Undead, 53 for the Orcs) but what I believe really brings this set to life is the variation of each unit. From the smallest Orcling to the most fearsome Undead Wraith knight, each unit is different. Orcs bolster swift and agile cavalry in the form of ‘Gore Riders’ whilst the Undead boast slow, yet gruesome, Zombies to create an incredibly interesting game.

Sprue Close Up

The rumour I heard about Mantic Games’ model sculpting being poor is an outright lie. In my honest opinion each miniature appears finely detailed and comes with enough personalisation options to satisfy anyone. Although the set does not come with as many customisation options as other games, alternate shields, swords, heads and arms are in abundance on each and every sprue and the models feel as though they are cast from a strong and durable plastic. Don’t be fooled by the price, these are high quality models.


The other key element of the set is the full-colour miniature rulebook. Although only small, it is printed on a rich glossy paper and does not look as though it was cheap to produce. The rules are explained clearly and concisely in a way not to confuse the learner. The rulebook even goes as far to give you battle tactics and advice on how to choose an army!

Another feature I like is that the second half of the rulebook has all the stats and unit formations for the first four factions. The book has details on both the Undead and Orc armies as well as the units not contained for each faction in the set, giving the player an idea of what he can expand his army with.

Furthermore, what I consider to be even better, the statistics for the Dwarfs and Elves are also contained in the later few pages, although they aren’t included in the set! This tells us that Mantic Games are more concerned with their customer’s enjoyments than their wallets and that they aren’t a greedy corporation charging people to own the unit listings for an army they’ve already paid for.


Lastly, the dice are the final component of the set. Although few in number (I think I counted five, although I may have lost some) there are enough to let you start playing and If you’re a table-top veteran already owning buckets of dice, these can be used to replace the ones you’ve lost behind the bookshelf over the years.


In conclusion, this set contains everything you need to start playing Kings of War. Its models are well sculpted and good value for money too. The rulebook also doubles as your army listings for any faction you choose. And to top it all off, the dice are an added bonus. Whether you are a table-top veteran or new to the hobby, this set is for you. Without it you are missing heaps of fun.

If you have any ideas for where I should go next with this set and what kind of units I should be focusing on, tactics I should be using and the like then please drop some thoughts in the comments below!

Kieran Merigo

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