Kings Of War RPG Coming To Kickstarter In August

July 8, 2019 by brennon

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The folks at Red Scar Publishing have teamed up with Mantic Games to bring Kings Of War The Roleplaying Game to Kickstarter in August.

Kings Of War RPG - Red Scar Publishing

"A low fog had crept over the blood-soaked field, smothering both the dead and the cawing of the gathering crows. The cloying mist had turned the moans of the dying into an eerie dirge to Gnaeus Sallustis’s ears as he sat in quiet contemplation, counting the dead and remembering the faces of his fallen warriors. Nakir stirred and growled beneath him, his harness jangling as he shifted. The goblins had been annihilated, but the pyrrhic victory had once again carried a great cost. The dark forces of the world had rampaged forth from the Forest of Galahir too often recently. The towns and villages needed uniting. Forging a realm would require someone strong to triumph and earn the crown. It was time to find a new King or Queen of War."

It all sounds very epic indeed and it will be cool to see just how the game works on a mechanical level. From the sounds of it early playtesting has gone well with plenty of people enjoying it, from classic Kings Of War wargamers through to those playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Kings Of War RPG Back & Front - Red Scar Publishing

The game uses what is known as the TriCore ruleset which is lightweight and focused towards being heroic without being too complex. Character classes and races are pulled from the expanding world of Pannithor so you've got a plethora of different options to explore when it comes to playing the game too. Whilst many of them are good and just, some are evil and nefarious too which might add a neat twist into your campaigns.

I am looking forward to the Kickstarter to see what they offer up to backers. Whilst it might seem like a game under the Kings Of War name shouldn't need a fundraiser, this is a niche side-project for the world in many ways so it would be good to see how the community reacts.

Do you think you'll try roleplaying in the world of Pannithor?

"Do you think you'll try roleplaying in the world of Pannithor?"

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