Chat Kings Of War With Ronnie, James & Alessio Cavatore!

November 7, 2013 by brennon

If last week's Kings of War Week 2013 got you excited then to round things off we have a chat with Ronnie Renton, James M. Hewitt and Alessio Cavatore of Mantic Games going on tonight so you can get your questions answered and generally geek out about this ace fantasy wargame.

Renton Vs Cavatore

So if you have questions about Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Dwarfs, Angels and Abyssals this should be the place for you to get your geek on. Maybe you have something to ask about the future of Kings of War or even about it's past?

Basilean Charge

It's all going to kick off at 7:30pm GMT where you'll be chatting way with Ronnie Renton and James M. Hewitt and then later on in the evening Alessio will come along and get stuck in too.

Let's not forget that there is also Alessio Cavatore's secret project in the works with Ralph Horsley which he might be persuaded to talk about! See the trailer above this story for a bit of a tease.

In preparation drop a few questions you might have in the comments below and maybe they will get answered first when the chaps from Mantic come online!

Get thinking!

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