Kings Of War Brings Mighty Heroes To The Battlefield

March 16, 2013 by brennon

If you thought that Mantic Games had forgotten about Kings of War then you would be gravely mistaken. Check out these fantastic pieces of artwork featuring heroes ready to take to the field of fantasy battle...

Herneas the Hunter

"While the majority of Dwarfs live out most of their existence deep underground, obsessively pursuing mineral seams quite literally to the ends of the earth, a small number spend their days above ground. These are the rangers, a class marked apart from their kin by their distinctly un-dwarf-like love of the open air. Because the rangers are set apart from the mass of Dwarf-kind, their deeds often go overlooked and undervalued by others. This is not the case with the ranger known as Herneas however, for this most skilled of Dwarf heroes has earned grudging honour even amongst the most conservative of his kind."

The Green Lady

"In battle, the Green Lady is at once a being of heart-breaking beauty and soul-rending terror. Her aspect shifts from one moment to the next so that the merest narrowing of her almond-shaped eyes can spell the transition from unearthly benevolence to raging fury. A figure of delicate, wisp-like grace, the Green Lady emanates the primal, feminine essence of nature. She is nurturing and loving to her kin, able to bolster the wavering heart or heal the ruined flesh with nothing so much as a healing glance. To her enemies and to those who would defile the land and her children, the Green Lady radiates fell power. She is at once the warm, summer sun and the howling winter gale, the giver of life, and the reaper of souls."

Ba'su'su the Vile

"In form, Ba’su’su the Vile exemplifies the unnatural arts of the Iron-casters. His body is a hybrid not just of two creatures, but of many, all conjoined together in horrible union. Ba’su’su has earned the title ‘Lord of Gargoyles’ by dint of the fact that he is ever to be found wheeling and soaring upon the searing thermals above the Abyss. There he is master of all of the wing’d things of the heights. As such, wherever Ba’su’su goes, there too is to be found a mass of Gargoyles so dense the sun itself is often blotted out and the land below cast in stygian darkness."

Obviously you all know who the best of these heroes is, I don't need to spell it out. Who cares about the other two really right? These are some great looking pieces of artwork though and if the quality of art spills over into the sculpting process we have some real gems on our hands.

Bring me Herneas the Hunter now please!

(No seriously, send me an advance sculpt Mantic!)

What do you think of these three?

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