Kings of War Heralds An Angelic Army!

June 20, 2012 by brennon

So the Kings of War world of Mantica has Dwarfs, Orcs, Elves and Undead but what is it missing? What about an army of Angelic warriors ready to descend from the heavens and lay waste to the unworthy? Yeah I think that sounds pretty ace...

Angelic Warrior
Extract: Hegemony of Basilea by Guy Haley
Hidebound and paralysed by ritual it may be, Basilea still reflects some of the ancient glories of Primovantor. Its cities are the largest, its princes the richest, its mages the most powerful of all the kingdoms of men.

Basilea insists that it is the only true protector of Primovantor’s legacy. Noble Paladins devote their entire lives to battle and prayer, undergoing arduous quests to prove their purity to the Shining Ones. Many Orders of the Sisterhood guard the borders. Purity, courage, and strength are the watchwords of this warrior virgins.

The Hegemon is king and high priest both. They rarely manifest directly but will send their servants to the aid of the Basilean armies, should the occasion warrant it. These are the Elohi, angelic beings of immense power, who appear in the guise of beautiful, winged humans armoured all in gold. In war they are all but unstoppable, as terrible in combat as they are merciful and kind out of it.

The Angelic forces of the Celestians will form one of the three new armies coming in a expansion for Kings of War. The three major forces at work will be...


1) The book will look at the Archangels, warrior nuns that form around mass ranks of Paladins and human men at arms. There will be heroes mounted on giant sabre-tooth cats (thanks Damon!) and much more!

2) The book will also look at the depraved hordes from the Abyss with Gargoyles, Hellions, Fire Golems and many more troops from the darkest parts of the underworld – all led by fearsome beasts and demonic leaders.

3) The forces of the World; elementals, Druid magic, tree kin and all of the forest creatures combined to protect and defend the world. The army will bring all these forces together to destroy all those who intend Mother Earth any harm.

So as you can see there is a fair amount of awesome heavenly might coming to the world of Mantica. I for one love the idea of the Celestians and the concept art does nothing but boost my excitement. It will be awesome to see what else will be taking to the tabletop in the future as the world of Kings of War develops.

The Kings of War Kickstarter has 4 days left so don't forget to keep pledging!

What do you think about these new forces?

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