The Kings of War Kickstarter Trolls, Ogres and 11 Days to Go!

June 13, 2012 by brennon

The Kings of War Kickstarter from Mantic Games has only 11 days to go before their funding will be received and they have smashed pretty much every single target that's been set. So, let's check out some full concept art of the monstrous units coming to the fantasy battlefield...

Mantic Werewolf

Now you've seen this furry fellow before but it's well worth another look. Rippled muscles, almost bat like ears and some huge claws make this guy a fearsome customer. I can see this appearing in plenty of armies and games across the board.

Mantic Ogre

Next up are the Ogres. Now it's nice to see something a little different from the norm with these guys and they don't look as slow and ponderous as they usually are. The look and feel reminds me a lot of Warcraft Orcs actually, especially with the style of the armour. I can't wait to see the scale of these guys and what else they can bring to the battlefield.

Mantic Troll Unarmoured

Mantic Troll Armoured

Now we have some Trolls too! Above you can see versions for both Armoured and Unarmoured Trolls which have a great hunched and feral look to them. While the Armoured version would be perfect charging around the battlefields of the surface world I can't wait to see the Unarmoured one appearing in the dark of a Dwarf King's Hold and charging down those who would disturb it!

Undead Dog Handler

Also this sketch arrived on the pledge page a few days ago, an Undead Dog Handler, something that could be appearing on a table near you. At least there's plenty of bones for them to gnaw on in an undead army!

As mentioned in the title the Kickstarter has 11 days to go (as of writing this) so if you want to help them get to the level of Gargoyles and grab yourself some extra goodies for free then go over and pledge here.

Is Kings of War becoming THE Fantasy game of the moment?

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