Lords Atop Mighty Beasts & Many Monsters Fight Their Way Into Kings Of War

November 1, 2015 by brennon

Mantic Games have headed back to the mass battle world of Kings of War after the addition of Uncharted Empires to their range with a selection of new characters and monsters too...

Mighty Lords

The first of these mighty lords brings a massive dragon to the tabletop. The Elf Dragon Kindred Lord is a rather powerful looking warrior atop a huge drake that might have sprung from the depths of a dungeon. This is certainly a big step up from their previous dragons...

Elf Dragon Kindred Lord

Following on from that with an alternative kit we have the Abyssal Dwarf Iron Caster on Great Winged Halfbreed. As you can see it uses the same body as the dragon but swaps out the head for something a bit more Babylonian.

Abyssal Dwarf Iron Caster

I think both of the mounts look great and while I do quite like the riders I'm not blow away by them. I'd probably be alright with just having the two big monsters on my painting table sans riders!

Last but not least in terms of characters we have the Orc Godspeaker...

Orc Godspeaker

"Orcs are elemental and instinctive users of magic, with little of the finesse or nuance of the magic users of other races. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their main obsession is with using magic for destruction, with a particular fascination for fire and explosions.

Orc Shamans are often unhinged and unbalanced, but most Warlords calculate that it is worth the risk to use them."

I think this is a great looking character model that isn't too over the top and yet you can see him standing out amidst an army on the tabletop. His alternative sculpt has him with a helmeted head and an open hand but I think this head is the better of the two.

Monstrous Hunters & The Undead

Following in the footsteps of other superb Ogre models we also have the Ogre Hunters who will be out there bringing down big beasts for the tribe...

Ogre Hunters

I think these are neat, all coated in furs and with a Neanderthal look to them from being stuck out there in the middle of nowhere hunting down creatures. They might even have to join forces with an army to bring down brutes like the Undead Zombie Trolls.

Zombie Trolls

Another great bunch of models for the Undead to help bolster their ranks. I think the poses are a little wooden and stiff but otherwise they have a nice degree of character to them.

What's your favourite from this new line-up?

"This is certainly a big step up from their previous dragons..."

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