Mantic Fight and Gore Their Way to a New Release

June 11, 2013 by dracs

If there's one thing an orc loves it's fightin' so it makes sense that they would make some ramshackle contraptions to help them get to the thick of the fray all the faster. Kings of War will soon be shaking at the release of two such examples of orc craftsmanship.

The first of these is your pretty standard orc battle chariot. Known as the Gore Chariot, it epitomizes orc battle strategies: charge at 'em an' 'it 'em 'ard!

Mantic Gore Chariot

The design of this chariot isn't bad as chariots go. It has that familiar orcy style to it and Mantic have succeeded in creating something vicious and brutally practical in appearance.

However, the Gore Chariot is not the only transport available to the orcs of Kings of War. Instead they might choose to hop onto the Fight Wagon.

Mantic Fight Wagon

Yeah it's pretty much just the Gore Chariot only turned around and with more spikes. Even its name is rather unimaginative.

Now, while I am disappointed that we're not seeing more innovation with the Fight Wagon its design does make sense to me, in an orcy kind of way. After all, orcs love fighting more than anything, right? So why should they let their Gores have all the fun by getting to the fight first? Swapping the position of the riders like that does seem to me to be a typically orcy idea and it does make for both a good shock attack and troop delivery.

How do you guys think these orcy war machines will fair on the fields of Kings of War?

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