Are Mantic gonna drop a Dungeon Crawler on us?

January 24, 2011 by warzan

There is growing speculation that Mantic games are about to pick up the baton of Dungeon Masters extraordinaire.

Ronnie teasing us with Dungeon Tiles?

Now i have to disclose at this stage I am a huge fan of Dungeon Crawlers and own many including a number of copies of Warhammer Quest, so this is exciting news to me indeed.

But does it make sense? Well with my independent head on I would have to say yes, for many reasons but one in particular ... time!

We all love big battles with our buddies, but for many of us (if not most) finding the time and space to organise our favourite blood sport is just not easy.

So we have all our beautiful models sitting on shelves or in Romeos foam while we pine for the time we can caress them again (and of course slaughter our opponents! waaaaaagggh!)

Dungeons are Epic F*****G WIN!

In steps the Dungeon Board Game, we grab a few of our coolest miniatures and with one (or more) buddies (and Girlfriends, Wives, Sons and Daughters - all are welcome) we set of for an evening of simple exploration and randomness ... while hoping that dragon we painted a while ago actually arrives as a wandering monster!

Yes folks we get to play with our minis without a massive amount of planning or a huge amount of space, even better than that we get to have loads of glorious fun telling stories, talking crap and ganging up on loved ones.

So what are they gonna build? If Anything!

In short we just don't know if this is what they are working on, there is obviously trade offs either way for Mantic:

1) Do we keep pushing out armies...
2) …or do we give folks other ways to play with and connect to our armies

Knowing how community and hobby focused they are, I personally suspect they may be opting for number 2!

Rest assured we are on the case here to try and dig a little deeper into the vaults of Mantic Tower to bring you the goodies.

In the mean time let’s do what we do best and SPECULATE!!!!!

So what would you put into a Mantic powered Dungeon Crawler, what would make it that must have game for you, do you want to see more magic, auto generated dungeons, perhaps even solo play?

Feel free to speculate in the comments below!

BoW Warren

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