Mantic Preview Some Upcoming Kings Of War Units

March 4, 2016 by brennon

Mantic Games have ducked and dived their way through the undead hordes to show off some of what's coming for Kings of War over the next few months. At the head of this charge we have some Fantasy undead; The Wights...


These are some dangerous looking miniatures that seem like brutal warriors bought back from the brink to harvest your souls. You can find out more about these models in particular over on the Mantic Blog in a companion piece HERE.

Following on from the Wights we have a look at some lithe Elves, the Silverbreeze Cavalry.

Silverbree Cavalry

I'm still not a massive fan of the way that Mantic make their Elves (I think they do better monsters and large creatures) but they have all the hallmarks of a quick unit that will be fleetfooting it around firing off shots at the back of regiments.

Last but not least we have news that the Forces of Nature are coming...

Forces Of Nature

I'm really looking forward to what they're going to be working on when it comes to their large tree-creatures and other fey additions to the faction. This might get me into Kings of War if I can run with a huge walking forest as my army.

What do you think of what's coming?

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