Mantic Games Rouse A New Rabble Of Goblins

April 2, 2020 by avernos

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Mantic Games have spent the Adepticon weekend teasing some of the news that they would have revealed stateside and now through their blog they've been filling in the details and they dropped some fantastic tidbits for lovers of greenskins in Kings of War and Vanguard.


The first big news is that the old hard plastic goblin mould is being retired and a new 10 man sprue is coming, taking it's lead from recent plastics like the clansmen it finally gives goblin players all the options in one kit.

As the renders show they can either built as rabble or sharpsticks for the core of your force, or as spitters if you're looking for some ranged chaff to upset your opponent from distance.


I love the ramshackle,cobbled-together look that the goblins have and their wonderfully mischievous faces. The Mantic goblins have a mixture of wicked weaponry and chaotic contraptions, but occasionally they have to get down and dirty and to that end there is a resin unit of heavily armoured, for a goblin, and massively armed Luggits


Brought into Kings of War 3rd edition from Vanguard they are pulled out of the clans ranks for their size and often lack of intelligence, ridiculously oversized weapons are pressed into hands and they are aimed into areas to do as much damage as they can by the smaller and more devious members of their family.


The Rank and file are not the only additions to the goblin army a bevy of new mounted heroes are also coming in resin. Mounted on fierce mawbeasts a heavily armoured Biggit and a lightly armoured inspiring Flaggit coming to add much-needed speed and bolstering to your lines in times of need.


Of course if it's threat range that you need then how about a spell throwing wiz tearing around the battlefield on his mount?


Although all of the heroes are exciting and new the current regiment of mawbeasts is not going to be getting a new unit, so if you fancy starting a calvary army for your greenskins you can get them now.

It's great to see these coming for the goblins, with the current batch and vanguard it pretty much completes the army and I'm really happy to see another army for Kings of War get the full Mantic treatment. While you can play with any models I do like armies are being rounded out and we can see Goblins as envisioned by the design team within their world.

There is one more goblin that has been teased and this is a special case for she is a named character and will be playing a prominent roll in the Kings of War Summer Campaign.


If you're wondering what those chunky gauntlets are in aid of I'll let Grupp Longnail explain herself...

Darting her eyes around the room, she stopped on a pair of silver gauntlets partially hidden under some papers. Cautiously Grupp cleared the papers and licked her lips with eager anticipation. She could feel magical energy emanating from the gauntlets and a tingling sensation crept up her claws as she reached out towards them. Grupp had never seen anything like them. They were clearly dwarf engineering, but she also recognised elvish lettering etched into each metal glove. Her face screwed up in confusion as she tried to decipher the text.

“D-A-N-G-E,“ she mouthed silently, before rolling her eyes and quickly thrusting her hands into the gauntlets. A mad glint entered her eyes as she held the gauntlets aloft. Considering their size and the material, they were bizarrely light. Experimentally she wiggled her fingers and cackled to herself.

So there we have it exciting times ahead for fans of the shorter race of greenskins in the world of Pannithor, I'll now have to see if my will power will hold out to finish my current army before buying a ton of these on release.

Dange must have been the dwarf who owned them!

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