Mantic Show Off Their Mighty Angels & Holy Paladins

July 26, 2013 by brennon

Mantic Games have been delving deeper into the background of the Basilean this week (and thanks to Ronnie's video earlier on I now know how to pronounce that!) and the Elohi are some of their big winners alongside their mighty Paladins for Kings of War...

Ur-Elohi Jullius, the Dragon of Heaven

"The Elohi are deadly and merciless in battle, they descend from the sky with righteous fury to destroy the enemies of the Shining Ones. They are immortal, nearly impossible to truly slay, for an Elohi who falls in battle will glow and fade away only to return to their masters on Kolosu. Their leaders are the Ur-Elohi, the archangels, mighty mortal heroes raised up by the gods to immortality above men and angels both. Few in number, they are among the most mighty of all the creatures on Mantica, their powers beyond human ken."

Ur-Elohi Samacris, the Mother of Phoenixes

"During the God War, the Celestian Fotia was split into two: the Shining one, who retained the name Fotia, and the Wicked one called Prykagia. Many were the wars between the two aspects, culminating in a great final battle. Prykagia struck at Irdima, Fotia’s High Priestess, and the Shining One brought about her own destruction by leaping into the path of the blow. She was cloven in twain, but did not die. Through the great power of Irdima’s prayers, the two halves were reborn as Jullius and Samacris, each representing a different aspect of flame. Jullius took on its regenerating, cauterising, vengeful and warlike nature, while Samacris manifests its nurturing, renewing, cleansing side. Together they are more powerful than Fotia ever was, and their story has become a parable of passion and the indestructibility of love."

Of the two I really do prefer the awesome Jullius since he looks to have a more commanding presence on the battlefield and I prefer the look of his wings. I also don't think I could paint Samacris' wings that well so I don't want to try!

Paladin Foot Guard

On the ground we have the Paladins and as I have mentioned before they are right up there with the best. I love these models and while I actually will be using them in my army I know that I would probably buy them just to paint them.

This army is coming together very well indeed and hopefully the month of August won't go too slowly as we wait for these to go on general release.

Will you be commanding a force of angels?

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