Mantic’s Kings Of War Campaign Heroes Get A Lick Of Paint

June 30, 2017 by brennon

If you were liking the look of the Kings Of War Heroes that Mantic Games were working on over the last few months for Edge of The Abyss then you'll be pleased to know they've now had a lick of paint and are available to pre-order...


Starting off with the reptilian additions to the line-up we have the amazing looking Artakl above and the equally epic Eckter below too. While of course, they would be great for Kings Of War it's nice to see some more characters for your role-playing experiences that match a Dragonborn look!


Both of them have a distinct character and look to them which is nice and you can imagine them fighting in different ways too. For example, with Artakl it's great to see a character roaring at her enemies as they come for her.

Northern Fury & Necromantic Power

Next up we turn our attention to a warrior from the North and a fighting for the Varangur with Magnilde.


She looks great, and it's nice to see Mantic Games exploring plenty of bright colour schemes on their models. The same goes for the Necromancer Jarvis who is trying to be a good guy, using this evil power against his enemies.


I think they've captured that nicely in the sculpt for him and it will be interesting seeing how the story unfolds for him. I'd love for him to succeed in his endeavour but I have a feeling he's going to get corrupted.

Demonic Power

Last but not least we have Mau'Ti-Bu-Su who for the Abyssal forces.


If you're going to do a succubus then you have to make her look like she'd rip you limb from limb and I think they've achieved that here. I might replace the whip with a different weapon like a spear though I think.

What do you make of the now painted heroes and villains?

"If you're going to do a succubus then you have to make her look like she'd rip you limb from limb..."

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